The Darkening Sky

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Published by Woodland Free Press

Based on a remarkable true story, the book is set in 1744, at the height of the Atlantic slave trade. A young West African prince named William Sessarakoo is sent to England by his powerful father to study. Sold into slavery by the ship’s unscrupulous captain, his capture caused a major diplomatic incident at the time; his release four years later and subsequent arrival in London dominated newspaper headlines for months, but has been largely forgotten since. This is his story. Providing historical context, the novel is accompanied by a fascinating afterword by the Director of Oxford University’s Centre for African Studies, one of the world’s leading experts on African history and politics.

Closer East

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Published by Woodland Free Press

Closer East traces the stirring adventures of two men who share a dream of India. A faraway place that, for each of them, holds the promise of release and of redemption.

It is the summer of 1948. In the heady aftermath of World War II, London is reawakening to a more confident, buoyant future. But for Sebastian Reynolds, an immensely successful newspaper publisher, the future looks less certain. Despite his substantial wealth and eminent position, he has never managed to penetrate the closed, rarefied circles of English society. Nor has he managed to escape the whiff of scandal that everywhere precedes him. Thousands of miles away, in the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Vikhram Sukhadia is thinking only of his home in Bombay. Weighed down heavily by the burdens of unrelenting poverty, for two years he has struggled in the mournful desert to find a new path for himself. A path that might narrow the gap between the soaring promises made to his young family and his still scant achievements.


Law, Ethics and HIV

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Published by the UNDP Press

This volume represents part of a broad strategy by the United Nations to raise awareness of the legal and ethical implications of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and to promote appropriate legal and ethical responses.

The U.N. has long recognised the critical importance of establishing a fair and equitable ethical framework within which the fundamental rights of everyone affected by the epidemic can be secured. In consideration of the vital debate about the role of the law in HIV/AIDS – both positive and negative, direct and indirect – UNDP undertook to consider the many legal and ethical issues and their manifestation, and to explore innovative ways to confront them.

In May of 1993, the UNDP Regional Project on HIV/AIDS, based in New Delhi, organised an Intercountry Consultation on Law, Ethics and HIV, held in Cebu, Philippines. The Consultation marked a significant step toward the establishment of a Regional Network to address the legal and ethical dimensions of HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific. The Consultation, which drew together participants from government, the legal community and nongovernmental organisations, sought to discuss the legal and ethical implications of the HIV epidemic and policy on HIV, to identify legal needs and priorities within the region, and to propose strategies for addressing those needs.

In planning for the Intercountry Consultation, and in discussion with many of the leading lawyers and NGO advocacy groups in the region, nine priority areas for HIV legal policy in Asia and the Pacific were identified. These issues are: information law; workplace issues; families and carers; public health; discrimination; women’s issues; prisons; criminal law; and the legal process.

This volume reflects the research undertaken in advance of the Intercountry Consultation on Law, Ethics and HIV. Its aim is to assist to define a research agenda which can and must be explored further, and help to establish a programme of immediate and practical action.